“I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” - Mark Twain

At Spork, we've led marketing and consulting initiatives at multiple companies in the software and services industries - everything from detailed industry studies to whitepapers to product marketing to blog moderation to interviews.  

While our work crosses multiple formats, topics and media, it all shares a common trait.  We take traditionally complicated (and let's be honest, sometimes pretty obtuse) topics and communicate them in a way that is simple, compelling and hopefully even fun.  

Below is a small sample of our marketing work.  Consulting deliverables not included due to the sensitive nature of the client information.  

See how we can help you simplify and clarify how you talk to your world.

Article "For Sourcing, Throughput = Success" Sourcing Interests Group

Press Release "Managing Supply Risk Post-recession" Ariba.com 

Whitepaper "The Crisis in eSourcing" Scanmarket.com

Interview "How has eSourcing changed?" Spendmatters.com 

Humor "eSourcing and Exercise" My Purchasing Center

Booklet "Supply Risk Survival Guide" Ariba

Blog Moderation "Scanmarket eSourcing Blog" Scanmarket.com 

Webinar "2013 eSourcing Survey Results"  Scanmarket.com

Guest Post  "Sourcing 3.0"  Sourcing Innovation

Blog Management "Ariba Exchange" Ariba.com

Whitepaper "Lessons learned from the recession" Ariba 

Product Marketing "Supplier Information Management" Ariba

Survey and Analysis "Ariba Business Commerce Survey"  AribaLIVE